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CNS News United Nations
405 E 42nd St. , Room 301
New York, NY 10017
Telephone: (212) 963-7129, Fax: (212) 496-0829

SERGE BEAULIEU, our chief correspondent and United Nations Bureau chief, comes from the worlds of diplomacy and journalism. He's been at the United Nations for close to four decades, and many consider him "la memoire de l'ONU," (the institutional memory of the United Nations). Educated in Europe, fluent in several languages, he has covered Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean for world media, including United Press International (UPI), the Spanish news agency (EFE), and the German news agency (DPA).
You can contact Dr. Beaulieu at our United Nations Bureau by:
Phone: (212)963-7129/(212)888-1745
Fax: (212)496-0829

SONDRA SINGER BEAULIEU comes from the world of publishing. A professional writer since the age of seven, she published and edited her first magazine at that age, with 200 subscribers around the world. In later years, she worked for UPI, EFE, and DPA as a foreign correspondent. She's currently working on her memoir. An American, Sondra also speaks French and Creole, the language of the Haitian people. She's considered the brain of the organization.
You may contact Mrs. Beaulieu at our United Nations Bureau.

LINDA BAKER, whose background is from the world of business, is one of the big assests of this organization. She's everywhere, managing people and equipment. You can be sure that she will be the voice answering your questions and making sure that you get what you want from the organization. Having traveled extensively, she's familiar with people and cultures.
You may contact Ms. Baker at our New Jersey Administrative Offices in Wayne, NJ by
Phone:(973) 694-7733
Fax: (973) 696-0241
CNS News22
405 E 42nd St.
Room 301
New York, NY  10017
Work Phone: 212-963-7129


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