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CNS News United Nations
405 E 42nd St. , Room 301
New York, NY 10017
Telephone: (212) 963-7129, Fax: (212) 496-0829

SERGE BEAULIEU.......Do you know this man? His nickname is Bouboule.
Three (3) million people are listening to him right now on the air! Are you one of them?

SONDRA BEAULIEU........Do you know this woman? She was 7 years old when she created her own magazine. She's the backbone of the news organization, a former UPI and EFE correspondent. She's one of the brains of the organization.

LINDA BAKER.........This is Ms.CNS. You'll have to deal with her for everything concerning the organization. Charming and outspoken, she's totally dedicated to keep us #1.

ANIZE DOUYON..........She was trained to be a new-generation breed with the principles of objectivity and reliability. Freshly graduated from the School of Communication, she was already a veteran of Radio Liberte. You may bump into her in the corridor of the United Nations building filing breaking news. She's petite, but don't underestimate her.

BRIAN BAKER..........This is Linda Baker's son looking at Radio Liberte's first 1KW Collins transmitter.

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